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Toddler Community

18 Months to 3 Years

Our Toddler Community is designed to foster the child’s tremendous physical and cognitive growth that occurs during this stage of life.  It is a highly developed program that is dedicated to assisting your child in discovering his world. Our instructors are extensively trained in Dr. Montessori’s proven methods.


Our environment is based upon a secure and loving environment where the child can develop independence and a solid foundation for learning.  The environment is carefully prepared with materials that will entice the child’s curiosity and expand language development, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and social and emotional development. During the first three years the child creates the foundation for the person he will become. Our program helps the child understand his environment, including: people and their characteristics, things and their usual position and function, and attitudes whether positive or negative.


The furniture and classroom are developmentally appropriate and designed to meet the special needs of children of this age group. Our curriculum utilizes the specially developed Montessori perceptual materials to foster learning motivation and sensorial exploration. The curriculum maximizes the child’s exposure to language and encourages the development of coordination and social graces and courtesies. The children gain an appreciation for learning and develop appreciation of caring for themselves, their environment, and others. Each child’s pace and individual rights are respected in a spirit of harmony and cooperation.


CCLD License # 364845471

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