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Infant Community

6 Weeks to  2  Years

Montessori Academy of Upland offers a truly unique yet affordable program for your infants and toddlers 6 weeks to 2 years. It's more than just "baby sitting"- it's a highly individualized classroom environment dedicated to assisting your child in discovering his or her world. Our instructors are extensively trained in Dr. Maria Montessori's proven methods. We teach your child positive learning attitudes needed to meet the challenges of life. In addition to everyday needs, this program provides: 

Montessori Academy of Upland’s Infant and Toddler environment is specifically designed to meet the needs of the six-week to two year old child. Materials, furnishings, children, and adults interact harmoniously to help the infant through stages of growth particular at this time. This includes the materials for language development and the coordination of small and large muscles. Material is provided for sensorial stimulation and preliminary activities which help the toddler care for themselves, such as hand washing and use of the toilet. The toddler will also be invited to share in the physical care of the environment in appropriate ways. This will include dusting, sweeping, sponging up spills, and helping with simple food preparation.

There is comfortable and attractive eating and sleeping area in the Infant-Toddler classroom. The children learn to feed themselves and assist in the setting of attractive tables each day at meal time. Specifically designed “baby beds” are used for sleeping. Each child provides his or her own portable crib sheets and light blanket to easily identify his or her own sleeping place. Small cubbies are provided for each child to store personal supplies. These are accessible to the children and are marked so that they, too, are easily identified.

The Infant-Toddler environment includes a prepared outdoor environment space. It is safe and secure and offers opportunity for movement and the first exploration of nature.

Above all, the environment includes special adults, chosen for their suitability for work with this vulnerable age group. The primary work of the adult is to nurture the small child, offering support and assistance, as well as the means of satisfying the child’s urge toward independence in an atmosphere of love and community. Each child’s pace and individual rights are respected in a spirit of harmony and cooperation.


CCLD License # 364845472

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