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Children's House

3 Years of Age through Kindergarten

Montessori Academy of Upland knows that your child's pre-school and kindergarten years are critical to the development of a positive attitude toward learning and life. As a parent, there are few things more important than the careful nurturing of your child's learning ability.

Children at this age have what Dr. Montessori called the “Absorbent Mind”. They can absorb all aspects of the environment and do it without effort or fatigue. The child will work diligently with focused concentration with the carefully prepared environment, cultivating a love of learning and gaining an ability to express themselves clearly.

To meet this need, Montessori Academy offers a time-tested, truly unique pre-school and Kindergarten program designed specifically to deal with the challenges of these early years. Through skilled and careful use of the methods developed by Dr. Montessori, trained teachers help your child become self-confident, aware, and better prepared to learn. It's a place where children have fun while they learn. Our Classroom provides:

~A place where the furnishings and materials are scaled to the child's size and need.

~Individualized curriculum based on your child's development and educational readiness.

~A technique that develops a love for learning and a solid academic foundation by using specially designed materials. 

~An influence that helps him/her acquire special poise, manners and courtesy.

~Indoor and outdoor play and coordination activities

~Music and Performing Arts

~Experienced and certified Montessori teachers


CCLD License # 364845471

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