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It is Tehya’s first day of school at Pepper Tree Elementary…They have her in GATE so thank you for building such a great foundation for Tehya. 

Marizka Rivette

 I love this school! Specialized attention and higher degree of learning. My 2yr old was able to read and sound out words. If you want your child to have the best education possible in an intimate environment, your child is worth Montessori!

Antoinette Lewis

My husband and I are both teachers and we love this school. We looked at many pre-school options before selecting MAU and we couldn't be more satisfied with our choice. Our daughter thrives from the structure offered and she continues to grow both socially and developmentally. The staff at the school are friendly and communicative; they've created a family atmosphere where parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child's educational community. 

Submitted by a parent 12/29/13 on

 My daughter attends this school. She is two years old and she is bright and determined to control her environment, which can pose some challenges for care givers. However, the staff at this school has created a positive supportive environment for every child in the classroom, and the community of students and parents has been wonderful. If you are looking for a caring, structured, and learning oriented child care or school, do not skip checking out this option to see if it meets your needs. I looked at 27 child care settings before i chose to enroll my child here, and every day I have peace of mind when my daughter wants to go to pre-school to learn. 

Submitted by a parent 02/28/12 on

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