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Elementary Language Arts Curriclum


The elementary Montessori language and arts program places great emphasis on the development of strong skills in composition and creative writing. Students are asked to write continuously, stressing, at first, the development of an enjoyment of the writing process. Formal grammar, spelling, and sentence analysis are systematically taught.


During the elementary years, Montessori increasingly focuses on the development of research and writing skills. This overlaps into other areas of the curriculum, from which students draw topics of interest. Gathering information from the encyclopedia and library reference books, they learn to prepare well-written reports.


Finally, and most importantly, the key to elementary language arts curriculum is the quality of the literature Montessori students are given to read. They are introduced from an early age to first-rate children’s books and fascinating works on science, history, geography, and the arts. Literature is connected with all of the other areas of the curriculum, with students reading stories and plays about cultures and historical periods that they are studying. By introducing students to the very best literature available for young people, Montessori cultivates a deep love for the world of books.

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