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Elementary Arts Curriculum


The arts are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. They are models of exploring and expanding lessons which have been introduced in science, history, geography, language arts, and mathematics. For example, classmates might make a replica of a Grecian vase, study calligraphy, sculpt a dinosaur for science, create dioramas for history, or construct geometric designs and solids for math.


Art is an essential component of learning in Montessori classrooms. In each classroom there are dedicated art shelves ensuring students always have access to art materials for creative expression. We are focused on providing our students with the skills, materials, and exposure to art that they need in order to express their creativity at their own pace and level. From Toddlers to Adolescents, you will see students naturally turning to art in response to what they are learning and studying in other lessons. For example, a student in Children’s House learning about the parts of a plant may want to make a painting about it, while a Lower Elementary student studying France may spend weeks in Open Studio building an intricate model of the Palace of Versailles.

Art and music appreciation are woven throughout history and geography curricula. Students participate in singing, dancing, and creative movement. Students participate in two performances a year in the winter and spring.

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